Joined the CPA Mastermind Group and coaching program

As a result of the Quick Start Challenge 2014 I learned that mastermind groups are the most effective to help and motivate you to get to the next level. I have to confess however that I was a little skeptical about a mastermind group specialized in CPA, since I never really had any success with CPA offers. I hope this 4 week program will change this forever.

cpa mastermind logoThe CPA Mastermind coaching is a new 4 week coaching and training program on how to succeed with CPA offers and how to master different CPA techniques. We have some very experienced trainers and leaders in our group and the facebook support page is going 24 hours a day with constant new questions, help and support not only from the leaders but also from several members of the group.

Our leaders James, Ken, Rico and charming Rachel give us everything we need to master CPA. The first week we learned how to research offers and how to find highly targeted offers that convert. We were also trained how to use several websites to help us with our research. Websites that I would never have found on my own.

I know there is a lot of money to be made with CPA but you can only tap into this pool if you know the ins and outs and all the secrets. We are in for a treat and I am on my way to learn how to master CPA.

Keep on going – also without the guidance of QSC

I have to admit, the Quick Start Challenge was a great experience and it was really easy to follow the step by step instructions that Dean gave us week by week ( it was not always inside my comfort zone but certainly doable).

But here is the fact: I wood never have taken these easy steps if someone just gave me the whole piece at once. I would have looked at it, maybe started the first step but than I would have put it aside again just to start with the next offer that popped up on my inbox.

But not this time! I followed through the whole 4 weeks, attended every webinar live and was motivated to take the next step because someone showed me how easy this step is and what the outcome could be.

I do not regret spending some hours learning the basics to start a real online business without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary tools, plugins and overhyped courses.

Thanks again to Dean Holland and his team for taking the time and setting up this very valuable training.


Results of week 3 and outlook to the final week of QSC

I have been struggling so many years with autoresponders and somehow I always found an excuse not to sign up for one. I don’t know if it was the cost or if it was just the fact that I thought as long as I have no people following me I don’t need an autoresponder.

But here it is again who was first, the egg or the chicken? Same thing with the autoresponder. I finally accepted the fact that I need one, and not a free one to see the best results. I signed up with Getresponse, set up my webform, added a free eBook to give away and started to write some follow up emails.

Now that it is done I feel much better and I also see the value of this tool, that I should have implemented much earlier. Anyway it’s never too late and hopefully this tool will be one of the missing puzzle pieces in my IM business.

I look forward to theReto C Badraun Blog last week with actually two webinars and I already know that the content will knock us off our socks once again.

I hope to see many fellow QSC followers on these two events and hopefully some of us will stay connected and maybe form some kind of businesses of partnerships for a successful future.



Anticipation of Week 3 – Quickstart Challenge

So far we survived 2 weeks of the Quick Start Challenge 2014 and it was really not too bad, as long as you take it step by step and don’t try to take the whole bite at once.

I really look forward to tonight’s webinar to see what Dean, Craig and JT have in their basket for us. It almost feels like the day before Christmas, you can barely wait to see what kind of surprises are under the tree.

I am ready for the next step and I hope it will lead me in the right direction.

The Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0 2014 – Week 2


I cannot believe it, we are already in week 2 of the Quick Start Challenge 2014. There was again a great energy flowing from Dean Holland, the presenter of the webinar, over to the audience. The ones still sticking with the Challenge got some great tips on how to proceed and how to get your business off the ground.

We are building on the foundation of week 1, which actually was this blog, and start now inviting people to our blog to let them be part of our journey. It’s great to see so many action takers and it’s really interesting to see and to read how other challengers feel about this coaching program.

As a special surprise we have to shoot a video, which is totally outside of my comfort zone, and post it to this blog as part of this weeks challenge. I will be back with the video later today and I really hope it’s not too embarrassing.


The Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0 2014 – Week 1

Quick-Start-Challenge-2.0-Turbo-300x122I was lucky enough to become part of the Quick Start Challenge 2014 (QSC) and in the next four weeks I will be writing about the steps we take towards the goal to become a successful internet marketer.

Mentors QSC 2014Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and JF Garsula have put together a Challenge that pushes the members towards success. I made a commitment to follow through and follow every single step outlined in this challenge.

Yesterday was the first of 4 webinars titled the big beginning and it lasted almost 3 hours, packed with great information, tips and stories. This blog is the result of this first webinar Week1 QSC 2014and so far I am proud of it.

If you are part of this Challenge or if you would like to know more about it please share your results, thoughts or questions. I look forward to connect with you.


My First Step

This is my first appearance on my brand new blog. I made a commitment to write down every important step, every failure and more importantly every success along my way to become a successful internet marketer. My goal is to provide value to the marketplace as well as to the ones following me. My personal success should transfer to the community and make lots of people more successful and therefore happier.

I know these are very bold words but I will try to make it a reality and to give a positive impact to the internet marketing community.

I encourage you to leave me a comment, tell me about your journey and engage in this conversation. Together we will achieve more and better results. You can also subscribe to my blog right here and I will keep you updated along the way.

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